Posted by: chrisdctex | May 31, 2010

Love, British Petroleum Style

It is possible that BP truly does care, despite what this particular Twitter site suggests.

It is possible that BP CEO Tony Hayward goes to bed each night, thinking, “How could this happen?” I’m guessing he’d rather be in London having a martini, instead of dealing with the worst environmental disaster in American history — something that has happened on his watch.

It is possible that BP wants to fix this leak yesterday; and remediate as much damage to the environment, and fairly compensate as many businesses and persons who have suffered damages, as its considerable financial resources will allow.

It is possible that BP wants to make the changes necessary in its operations to ensure that this never happens again.

It is possible that BP truly loves and is concerned about the people of the Gulf Coast.

If all of this is true, then BP has a funny way of demonstrating this. Read More…